Academic Singing

53.03.03In english and russian

Level of education Bachelor

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 4 years

Programme description

The bachelor’s programme ‘Academic Singing’ combines the fundamental classical liberal education with specialised education in vocal art, according to which the students from the first day of training are involved in the creative environment of a musical theatre

The training programme also provides an in-depth study of: the history and theory of theatre, music and vocal arts; and English and Italian to the extent required for the professional activity of a vocalist

Main courses
  • History of Russian Music  
  • History of Foreign Music
  • History of Theatre  
  • History of Opera Theatre  
  • Solfège
  • Harmony
  • Solo Singing
  • Opera Class
  • chamber choir
  • Piano  
  • Basics of the Artistry
  • Stage Speech  
  • Basics of Scenic Movement
  • Dance
  • Italian
Our advantages

The programme trains singers for opera and musical theatres, who are able to: master classical and new repertoire; create artistic images using vocal and acting resources; and work in a creative team and as a soloist in concert activities. They will also have skills of research work in musical art as well as basic skills of music pedagogy.


Leading staff of SPbU and Academy of Young Singers of the Mariinsky Theatre, honoured artists of Russia, People’s artists of Russia and Ukraine  

Practical training and future career

Practices at

The Mariinsky Academy of Young Opera Singers, concert organisations


Graduates start their careers in concert organisations, music theatres, and institutions of secondary vocational and additional education