Physical Training and Sport

49.03.01In english and russian

Level of education Bachelor

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 4 years

Main courses
  • Introduction to the Main Field of Study, Physical Training
  • History of Physical Culture and Sports
  • Theory and Methods of Physical Training
  • Sports Theory
  • Pedagogy of Physical Training
  • Methods of Teaching Physical Training in Educational Institutions
  • Fundamentals of Modelling Health and Fitness Activities in Preschool and School Education
  • Psychology of Physical Training and Sport
  • Sociology of Physical Training and Sport
  • Hygienic Fundamentals of Physical Training and Sports Activities
  • Natural-Science Fundamentals of Physical Training and Sport
  • Propaganda and PR in the Field of Physical Training and Sport
  • Legal Support of Professional Activities in Physical Training and Sport
  • Theory and Methods of the Chosen Sport
  • Technologies of Physical Training in the Chosen Sport
  • Gymnastics
  • Track and Field Athletics
  • Skiing
  • Swimming
  • Sports and Outdoor Games
  • Theoretical Fundamentals of Fitness
  • Extracurricular Work and Additional Physical Education
  • Fundamentals of Sports Judge Activities
  • Fundamentals of Management of Physical Training and Sport
  • Fundamentals of Anti-Doping Control
  • Preparation for Competitive Activities and Implementation of Standards of the All-Russian Physical Culture Training Programme ‘Ready for Labour and Defence’
  • Sports Selection and Prediction of Results in the Chosen Sport
  • Fundamentals of Sports Medicine
  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Biochemistry
  • Human Physiology
Our advantages
  • While studying, students have an opportunity to play for St Petersburg University sports teams in Russian and international competitions.
  • Graduates can be engaged in teaching and coaching.
  • Graduates can work in educational institutions at various levels, including organisations that train athletes.
Career opportunities
  • Physical education teacher
  • Coach of the chosen sport
  • Teacher of additional education
  • Instructor
  • Referee / umpire