Beware of unethical companies

We receive information about unethical companies that use the name of St Petersburg University for commercial purposes.

These companies engage in unethical behaviours. Among the examples of unethical practices are the following:

  • guaranteed admission after paying an inducement or an incentive
  • representation of a branch of St Petersburg University
  • conducting exams that are not related to the official activities of the University
  • guaranteed publications in low-quality journals on a commercial basis
  • offering grant support services, assistance in obtaining a scholarship, providing a place in a hall of residence, etc

The University is not associated with such companies and is not responsible for their actions!

Unfortunately, we cannot track the origin of these organisations. We ask you to be careful and be guided by the information received only on the official websites of St Petersburg University (,, and its subdivisions (the domain name always contains, for example,,

How not to become a victim of unethical companies?

  • Use the Site Navigator on the St Petersburg University websites to find official and reliable information
  • Pay attention to the email addresses for communication purposes. Official communication with representatives of the University is conducted via corporate email addresses with the domain name
  • St Petersburg University NEVER guarantees admission for an inducement or an incentive
  • Please note that currently St Petersburg University has no branches in the Russian Federation or other countries. Any organisation offering educational services on behalf of St Petersburg University is illegal 
  • If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of the activities of an organisation providing services on behalf of St Petersburg University, you can verify its status by sending an enquiry to the St Petersburg University Virtual Reception


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