International educational standards. Management programmes at St Petersburg University

The results of the 2021 admission campaign have once again confirmed the status of St Petersburg University as the most popular university in Russia among international applicants: about 21,000 applications were received. Management is one of the most popular fields of study among applicants from other countries.

Modern companies should be able to analyse and adopt best practices for business development, interact with foreign partners, and set up branches in different countries. To work effectively, they need managers with a broad international outlook. Such specialists are trained at St Petersburg University in bachelor’s programmes in ‘Management, and International Management (with study of Modern European and Oriental Languages) and the master’s programme in Management (Master in Management - MIM). The programmes are relevant for those who plan to build a career in business and management in Russia and abroad.

The key advantage of the programmes is that they are delivered in English. This increases the employability of graduates in the global labour market. Courses are delivered in a cross-cultural environment, with subjects studied in an international context and with a focus on international business. Students can also tailor their course by selecting academic disciplines that focus on different areas of management: financial institutions and markets; project management; analytics and big data; business communications; entrepreneurship; and global economic management to name just a few.

English is a necessity for an effective manager, and knowledge of several languages is an undeniable competitive advantage. Students have the opportunity to study a second foreign language of their choice (including Russian). Lectures, seminars, and master classes are delivered not only by Russian and guest lecturers, but also by experts: top managers from leading companies and start-up owners. Students are offered internships at major Russian and international companies. This gives them an opportunity to interact with potential employers while they are still studying.

Each of the programmes has over 80 international partner universities, including: the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris (France); ESIC Business and Marketing School (Spain); the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland); Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden); and Queen's University Business School (Canada) to name just a few. All programmes have the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) international accreditation certificate.

Students acquire comprehensive managerial skills and relevant knowledge, benefiting from international standards set by the leading higher education institution in Russia, advanced courses, and professional academic staff. Graduates will be able to build an academic career, work in leading Russian and international companies, start their own business or specialise in related fields: marketing, financial management, logistics and others.

Furthermore, the Masters in Management (MIM) programme, which is taught in English, is a double-degree programme. This format involves parallel study at a partner university on relevant programmes with a minimum difference in curricula. On a competitive basis, students will be able to study abroad for a semester at one of the leading universities/business schools from a broad list of academic partners of St Petersburg University. MIM is the only master's programme in Russia that is included in the Financial Times international rankings.

International applicants have the following advantages for admission and further training at St Petersburg University: St Petersburg University recognises applicants’ national academic credentials confirming their previous studies. Documents can be submitted remotely (through the ‘Personal Account’) on the University website. Also, international applicants have the opportunity to apply for government-funded places. Moreover, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation allocate quotas. The University provides accommodation at its halls of residence and visa support (if it is necessary, the University submits an application for a visa invitation). Financial support is provided: scholarships and research grants; and payment for participation in leading international conferences and seminars. St Petersburg University programmes regularly achieve high scores in the world’s leading higher education rankings.  


Management programmes at St Petersburg University:

Bachelor’s programmes: Management; International Management (with study of Modern European and Oriental Languages);

Master’s programme: Management (Master in Management - MIM)

The key information on accepting international citizens can be found here.