"Peter the Great: Myths and Reality". St Petersburg University launches a new online course on the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great

On 8 June, on the eve of the anniversary date, St Petersburg University launched a new online course, "Peter the Great: Myths and Reality". It will help to see from a new perspective the role of the founder of the northern capital and the importance of his political activities for the country’s accelerated development.

Online Course "Peter the Great: Myths and Reality"

Peter the Great is not only the greatest figure in Russian history, but also one of the most enigmatic ones. The debate about the personality of the first Russian Emperor and the significance and importance of his achievements began during his lifetime and continues to this day both in the academic community and among those who are simply interested in history.

The authors of the course — Doctor of History, Professor Pavel Krotov, and his colleagues —will be able to surprise even those who consider themselves experts in history. A completely new approach to the subject, based on unique materials, expert research, and archival documents, will help to provide a completely different perspective on well-known and presumably well-studied historical events, such as the founding of St Petersburg or the Battle of Poltava.

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What was Peter the Great like? What are the mythologemes of the perception of his figure that have taken hold in academic literature and the public eye? Which are true and which are fictions? This new online course will help to sort out the controversy and get closer to unlocking the mysteries of the era of Peter the Great.