SPbU entered Association of Green Universities in Russia

St Petersburg University has entered the Association of Green Universities of Russia as it has been successfully implementing the ecological projects, effectively managed the resources, and made alternative means of transport popular in the city.

SPbU was invited to become a member of the Association after it took part in the quest “Separate with us” that aimed to promote separate collection of waste at the universities and make us be more environment-oriented.

SPbU students successfully completed all ecological quests, arranges a number of ecological events, developed separate collection schemes, and attracted new members.

Chairperson of the Association of the Green Universities of Russia Andrei Rudnev

The Association highly lauded how SPbU had been implementing ecological practices, effectively managed the resources, and made alternative means of transport popular in the city.

Today, SPbU has a well-developed separate collection scheme: it has containers at the campus, collects batteries and cartridges, and engage students and staff into the programme of efficient resource management. Also, the University is actively engaged in how to make people more environmentally aware: all green initiatives are at the EcoSPbU and it holds regular ecological events.

The University implements a model Green Campus, a concept to create a green, eco-oriented environment, implements ecological programmes and projects to protect environment.

Director of the Ecological Department at SPbU Natalia Popova

The University also focuses on green technologies in building and construction and efficient resource management. New campuses have natural lighting, LED bulbs, advanced equipment, electronic document management (EDM) systems, and plumbing equipment has transducers to regulate the water consumption. Moreover, cycling is gaining momentum: the University is developing cycling infrastructure and encourage students and staff to use bicycles.  

The Association of the Green Universities of Russia is a Russian youth ecological union that bring together universities and colleges that implement green projects and principles of sustainable development. Founded in February 2017, the Association comprises 26 universities. It is supported by the Waters of Russia at the ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation and the Coca-Cola Foundation.