St Petersburg University is ready to cooperate with the Centre for International Programmes in Tajikistan

St Petersburg University has hosted a meeting with Mamasaid Navruzjoni, Deputy Director of the Centre for International Programmes of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The main topics of discussion were issues of cooperation aimed at training at St Petersburg University highly qualified personnel for the education system, health care, and other social spheres and sectors of the economy of Tajikistan.

During the meeting, Mamasaid Navruzjoni spoke about the great demand among the students of Tajikistan for higher education at leading Russian universities, including St Petersburg University. He also underlined that in the republic there is a high demand for school education in the Russian language. The guest expressed his desire to promote the admission of talented graduates of Tajik schools and universities to St Petersburg University to study in the fields that are important for the economy of Tajikistan.

Aleksandr Babich, Senior Vice-Rector for Youth Policy and Admissions of St Petersburg University, thanked his colleagues for their interest in the educational opportunities of St Petersburg University.

Aleksandr Babich said that in accordance with the decision of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the University can conduct an independent competitive selection of foreign citizens for places within the quota set by the Russian Government.

In this regard, Aleksandr Babich suggested considering the possibility of providing targeted training for citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan who successfully passed the competitive selection process in order to ensure that they will be employed by organisations and enterprises in Tajikistan after completing their studies at St Petersburg University. This would contribute to the development of the country’s human resources potential.

The meeting also discussed the issue of methodological support for teaching the Russian language in the Republic of Tajikistan, taking into account the extensive experience accumulated by St Petersburg University in this field. ‘St Petersburg University is one of the largest research, educational and expert centres in the field of teaching Russian as a foreign language and language testing. It is therefore ready to provide comprehensive assistance to the Tajik side in improving the qualifications of teachers,’ said Aleksandr Babich. ‘This is especially relevant in the context of the ever-increasing interest in the Russian language and education in it in the republic’.

As a result of the meeting, the parties agreed to develop cooperation in all the discussed areas. In the near future, taking into account the requirements of Russian legislation, a cooperation agreement will be concluded between St Petersburg University and the Centre for International Programmes of the Republic of Tajikistan.