Equipment at St Petersburg University

St Petersburg University has an up-to-date research infrastructure to enable leading scientists to implement large-scale interdisciplinary research projects to solving the most pressing issues in society. What makes this infrastructure different is the state-of-the-art equipment that the Research Park offers. Today, the research Park has no rival in Russia. In 2017, it was confirmed by the results of the monitoring of the interdepartmental working group on the development of research infrastructure in the Russian Federation. The main equipment of the Research Park has 489 units, with the estimated costs being over 500,000 roubles (the total cost of the equipment is over 7 billion roubles). Some of them have no equivalents in Russia.

Apart from the equipment of the Research Park, the University invests in the purchase of equipment, consumables and information services required by research teams to carry out research projects. 

The applications are processed and implemented by the St Petersburg University’s Research Support Service. In 2017, the Service worked so efficiently and managed to purchase ahead of the schedule. Researchers could quickly have access to necessary equipment and start research projects. Instead of the planned 58 applications for the amount of 36,129,343.75 roubles (including consumables, software and laboratory furniture for 61,140,581.65 roubles), 67 applications were implemented for the amount of 76,871,946.32 roubles (including consumables, software and laboratory furniture for 107 870 292.99 roubles). In particular, 32 units of equipment were purchased at over 500,000 roubles.

Equipment at the Research Park

The total cost of the equipment is over 7 billion roubles.

Equipment for the research teams

The University invests in purchasing the equipment, supplies and information services required by research teams to carry out research projects.

Equipment at partner universities

Information about the equipment of universities – members of the Association of Leading Universities – that may be of interest to the University researchers for research and about the procedure as to how to gain an access to the equipment.

Create a complete map of the equipment for research at St Petersburg University

To develop a state-of-the-art research infrastructure, St Petersburg University has opened the Research Park. The Research Park is a system of resource centres. It holds competitions for research teams to purchase equipment to carry out promising projects. Some units of equipment are purchased by research groups as part of the grants they have. Unique research stands are assembled from previously purchased equipment. Yet developing an infrastructure is not enough for research. What is important is to provide access to the public. It is essential to maintain and develop equipment and make it work efficiently. For scientists, it is vital to delve into new areas of research and create collaborations to solve increasingly complex interdisciplinary problems.

Advancing research is the highest priority at St Petersburg University.

Ensuring openness of information about the equipment available at the University must be accompanied by updating the database. This will provide scientists with the opportunity to carry out the entire range of research they need on devices available at the Research Park. Yet collecting all the necessary information about the equipment of the University should be the scope of responsibilities of administration only. We invite the University staff to update the interactive database of research equipment with information that was not included in the list of «Equipment at the Research Park»published on the website and in the list of «Equipment for Research Teams». To that end, you are advised to fill in the feedback form.

By providing the information about the equipment and complexes, you will increase the efficiency of how they are used, reduce costs the University may have, and enhance research efficiency.

Thank you for collaboration!