The Corporate Lawyer

40.04.01In english and russian

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • Theory of Corporate Law
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Tax Policy
  • Current Issues in Legal Regulation of Securities Market
  • Legal Regulation of Corporate Management
  • Civil Liability in Corporate Relations and Protection of Corporate Rights
  • Corporate Conflict Resolution Studies
  • Legal Status of Non-profit Corporations
  • Legal Status of Joint Stock Companies
  • Legal Status of Limited Liability Companies
  • Legal Status of Production Cooperatives
  • Legal Regulation of Securities Market
Our advantages
  • The programme is designed to train lawyers who are familiar with the methods and practices of legal support for: the goals and objectives of the efficient development of corporations in terms of establishing and regulating internal corporate relations in conjunction with external relations; and performing corporate procedures and actions. This will make it possible for graduates of the programme to be successful in various Russian and foreign corporations.
  • Graduates of the programme: know the acts of corporate legislation and law enforcement practice in the field of corporate relations; have the skills to prepare internal documents of the corporation and negotiation skills; are capable of conducting corporate actions and procedures; and are able to represent the interests of the corporation and to make decisions independently in order to resolve corporate conflicts.
Career opportunities

Graduates can be in demand in corporate departments (divisions) of both commercial and non-profit corporations. They can hold the positions of: corporate secretary; internal control officer; and compliance director in a risk management unit.