Economic Geography and Digital Spatial Analytics

05.04.02In english and russian

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • Business analysis of information
  • Sectoral analysis and geomarketing studies
  • Corporate geography
  • Current issues in Russian regional development
  • GIS in Economic geography
  • Science project management
  • Regional Consulting: Methods and Techniques
  • Changing Urban-Rural Linkages
  • Institutional Factors of Regional Development
  • Sustainable Community Development and Urban Planning
  • Public Policy and Urban Space
Our advantages
  • This programme is aimed at training highly qualified experts. They will have a modern analytical toolkit for managing state-level, municipal and corporate land development.
  • This programme has an interdisciplinary approach. It combines an in-depth training in social-economic geography with geoinformatics and digital technologies as well as spatial analysis.
  • This programme has two working languages: Russian and English. Also, it provides an opportunity to study at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) during the third term.
  • The graduates will have at their disposal: a spatial analysis toolkit for efficient decision-making in regional development; skills in monitoring and forecasting socio-economic situations; and expertise in corporate strategies and geomarketing research.
Practical training and future career

The graduates will be skilled to work in: design institutions; governmental and municipal institutions; and private and corporate geomarketing research centres. They can be employed as: analysts and consultants in corporate strategy development and socio-economic strategy development; and urban planners, and IT and geoinformatics specialists.

Prospective Employers

  • 'Gazprom'
  • The government of Saint Petersburg
  • The government of Leningrad Oblast'
  • Presidential Plenipotentiary
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers
  • International Enterprise Singapore
  • RBC Holding
  • International Centre of Socio-Economic Research 'Leontiev Centre'
  • Institute of Urban Planning 'Urbanika'
  • 'CSR North-West' fund
  • 'UST'-LUGA' marine port
  • 'RZD' Russian Railways
  • 'Northern Capital Gateway' LLC
  • Saint Petersburg State Budgetary Institution 'Saint Petersburg Centre of Transport Planning'
International relations

The partner of the programme is the University of Eastern Finland. The programme provides for possible study in English for one semester at this university. Thus, the teaching and learning process will take place in a cross-cultural environment, which will increase the competitiveness of graduates in the international labour market.

Main areas of research
  • Strategic directions of the spatial development of Russia
  • Growth dynamics of urban agglomerations and intracity research
  • Development management of coastal, resource, border, and rural areas
  • Transformation of territorial structures of settlement and the economy in the new economic and foreign policy conditions
  • Assessment of the investment potential of the regions
  • Institutional factors in the development of cities and regions
  • Spatial studies of migration and ethnic processes
  • Analysis and development of the marketing strategy of the territory
  • Substantiation of strategies for regional development of large companies
  • Local geomarketing research