Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication for Business and Management

45.04.02In english and russian

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • English in Business and Management
  • Computer-Aided Translation Tools
  • Introduction to Intercultural Communication Studies
  • Intercultural Communication in a Crisis
  • Introduction to Translation Theory
  • Translation of Contract Documents
  • Business Writing, Abstracting and Annotations
  • Graduation Project Preparation
Main areas of research
  • Theory and practice of translation and interpreting
  • Intercultural communication
  • Conflict theory
  • Computer-aided translation tools
  • Education technologies
  • Methodology and practice of teaching translation
Our advantages
  • The programme is designed to train highly qualified experts in intercultural communication with an in-depth knowledge of English and a chosen second foreign language. They will feel familiar with corporate management in the context of the global integration of business processes.
  • This master's programme is unique in that it focuses on applied aspects. It provides an interdisciplinary and integrated approach and covers the main areas of application of the English language: translation and communication. The programme meets the requirements for specialists working in innovative areas of the economy, business and management.
  • Graduates of the programme have professional competencies in business and management, as well as in translation and interpreting.
Practical training and career opportunities

Training involves the performance of translation practice in the leading translation companies of St Petersburg, including:

  • The EGO Translating Company, Ltd
  • Literra, Ltd

The graduates are ready to carry out professional activities as:

  • a specialist in translation and interpreting in business and management with knowledge of computer-aided translation systems and machine translation post-editing skills
  • a manager in the field of language business (management of translation projects, project teams, translation departments)
  • a liaison officer for foreign clients,
  • a specialist in administrative and documentary support for corporate management
  • teacher of vocational training, professional education, and additional professional education.

The graduates are prepared to work in international corporations, translation companies, etc.