General and Applied Phonetics

45.04.02In russian

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • Speech Technology
  • Automated Processing and Interpretation of Speech Signals
  • Automatic Synthesis of Speech
  • Declarative and Scripting Programming Languages
  • Human Identification by Voice
  • Sound Systems Transfer
  • History of Phonetic Research
  • Methods of Describing and Studying Intonational Phenomena
  • General Phonetics
  • Semiotics
  • Phonosemantics
  • Phonetics and Verbal Communication
  • Automatic Transcription
  • Acoustic Analysis of Speech Signals
  • Historical Phonetics of Germanic/Romance Languages
  • Methods of Teaching Foreign Language Phonetics
  • Regional and National Varieties of English/French
  • Semiotics
  • Statistical Processing of Phonetic Data
  • Russian Stylistics
  • English/French Phonostylistics
  • Intonation Theory
  • Phonetic Systems
  • Practical English and French (including intonation)
  • Statistics
  • Digital Processing of Speech Signals
  • Fundamentals of Programming
  • Theoretical Phonetics of English
  • Theoretical Phonetics of French
Our advantages

It is the only programme in Russia that includes the entire cycle of special linguistic, phonetic and mathematical disciplines compulsory for the European bachelor's degree in phonetics. It also provides: rigorous theoretical and practical training in English and French (according to the standard of language departments); perfect pronunciation; knowledge of Russian, ancient and foreign literature; translation skills in the field of phonetics and general linguistics; and skills in programming linguistic tasks.

‘Speech Technology’

  • The programme trains specialists in the promising field of analysis and automatic processing of oral speech;
  • This is one of the few scientific and applied areas where Russian specialists not only meet international requirements but often advance them;
  • In similar master's degree programmes in Europe and the USA, graduates also obtain: programming skills, knowledge of statistical processing, modelling and automatic interpretation of the speech signal. However, in addition St Petersburg University graduates obtain a comprehensive linguistic education.

‘Phonetics and Speech Communication’

  • The programme trains specialists in the field of phonetic analysis and processing of oral speech. It also trains teachers about foreign language phonetics including Russian as a foreign language. The St Petersburg phonological school has existed for more than 100 years. It has always held and continues to occupy the leading positions in the world phonetic science;
  • In similar master's degree programmes in Europe and the USA, graduates also obtain knowledge of the phonetic system of the native language. However, in addition St Petersburg University graduates obtain: some variants of English and French; basics of language interaction manifested in an accent; and features of different speech types and styles.
International relations
  • The University of Helsinki, the University of Jyväskylä (Finland)
  • The University of Munich, Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nürnberg (Germany)
  • Masaryk University (the Czech Republic)
Practical training and future career

Practices at

  • The Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskij Dom) of the Russian of Sciences


  • English / French teacher
  • English / French phonetics teacher
  • Research associate
  • Audio expert

Organisations where our graduates work

  • St Petersburg University
  • Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University
  • St Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of
  • Sciences
  • North-Western Forensic Science Centre
  • Apple Inc.
  • Yandex
  • Speech Technology Centre
Main areas of research
  • Acoustic speech processing
  • Phonetic features of vocal speech
  • Reflection in speech of physiological and emotional states, including hidden intentions
  • Speech intonation
  • Speech recognition and synthesis
  • Phonetic systems of different languages, language transfer