Pacific Studies

41.04.05In english and russian

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • History of International Relations in the Pacific Region
  • Contemporary International Relations in the Pacific Region
  • Politics in the Pacific Region Countries
  • The Pacific Region in Global Economy
  • Russian Policy in the Pacific Region
Our advantages
  • Uniqueness: it is the only master's programme in Russia that trains highly qualified experts in the problems of the most dynamically developing region in the present-day world.
  • Consistency: within the programme, the Pacific region is considered as a single system consisting of many countries. They often differ from each other, but are connected by economic, historical, cultural and other ties. Graduates of the programme acquire in-depth knowledge of: the history of international relations in the Pacific region; and the problems of present-day foreign policy, and economic and internal development of China, Japan, Korea and other countries of this region.
  • Universality: the programme is open to a wide range of applicants: for those who have an undergraduate degree related to the Pacific region such as in the field of Oriental studies or international relations; for those who are only just starting to study this region as part of their professional activities; and for everyone who is interested in this diverse and dynamic region.
  • Involvement: many teachers are experts in Asian countries. They speak the languages of East Asian countries and have experience in teaching and research activities in the countries of the Pacific region. Additionally, the programme is traditionally sought-after by applicants from the Pacific region countries. This contributes to the creation of a unique multicultural atmosphere during training.
  • Prospects: the programme provides training that establishes a framework for a successful professional career or for continuing their education (including foreign universities) in areas related to the Pacific region countries. This is due to students’ participation in academic exchange programmes, internships and practices. Graduates of the programme are increasingly in demand due to the rapid development of political, economic and cultural ties between St Petersburg and Russia with the Pacific region.
International relations

Master’s students have the opportunity to: participate in a summer school at Virginia Commonwealth University (USA); do internships; or participate in academic mobility programmes abroad. This includes programmes for studying foreign languages at universities in China or Japan.

Main areas of research
  • Interaction in the humanitarian and cultural fields
  • Issues of trade and economic cooperation including issues of power economy and energy security in the region
  • Integration processes and activities of regional organisations
  • Security issues such as: the Taiwan issue; issues related to North Korea’s nuclear programme; separatist movements in the region; and militarisation of the region
Career opportunities

The graduates can work at governmental structures and commercial organisations related to and operating in the Pacific region. They can collect and systematise the required information, provide expert evaluation, write scientific and popular texts, and carry out communicative, coordinating and managerial activities. In addition, the graduates can continue their education as aspirantura programme students and further engage in teaching and research.