Russian and CIS Business in Global Economy

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Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • Information Resources and Applied Methods of Analysis
  • Public Sector
  • Econometrics: Advanced Level
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Institutional Analysis of the Economy and Entrepreneurship in Russia
  • Innovative Business
  • Financial Reporting Analysis
  • Economic Integration in the Post-Soviet Space (Including Customs and Tariff Regulation)
  • Labour Market and Migration
  • Effective Methods of Public Management and Regional Marketing
  • Fiscal Policy of the CIS and Global Finance
  • Macroeconomics. Advanced Level
  • Microeconomics. Advanced Level
  • Business Process Management and Modelling
  • Business Strategies and Macroeconomic Regulation
  • Public Sector Economics and Environmental Management
  • Organisational Change Management
Our advantages
  • The programme uses an interdisciplinary approach and is implemented in cooperation with leading experts of the Russian State Duma and highly qualified specialists in: global economics; marketing and management; corporate economics; innovative economics; and modern economic theory.
  • The programme is led by Professor M.I. Krotov, Doctor of Economics, head of the Office of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots. Professor Krotov has long been Secretary General of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States (IPA CIS).
  • Practitioners from international organisations, including the IPA CIS Secretariat, take part in conducting classes.
  • During their research practice at the IPA CIS and the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, our master's students have the opportunity to explore the experience of the integration processes in the CIS countries.
  • They acquire substantial evidence while studying the experience and analysing the problems of CIS integration. They also explore liaisons of the CIS member states with non-CIS countries, which expand the students' opportunities for employment and future career growth.

Throughout the training process, students acquire the following:

  • a wide range of business management competencies in the context of deepening integration cooperation and transition to the 4th industrial revolution;
  • practical skills of effective operational and strategic management of individual businesses, analytical services, and units at enterprises and organisations of various forms of ownership;
  • an ability to model the behaviour of firms in various industrial markets using economic and mathematical tools;
  • an ability to develop effective behaviour strategies for economic agents in reliance on the competitive situation in various markets, including international ones, in the conditions of a dynamically changing institutional environment and technological shifts;
  • an ability to apply knowledge of the forms and methods of technology transfer to build effective company strategies in the domestic and/or international market in the context of the emerging digital economy;
  • skills in the development, implementation and application of modern models of environmental and personnel management at modern enterprises and organisations, in order to increase their competitiveness, environmental safety and social responsibility;
  • knowledge and qualified application of modern methods aimed at substantiation and implementation of effective managerial decisions in the field of Eurasian integration in state and municipal authorities, in public, non-profit, and international organisations;
  • a creative approach to learning and skills of a researcher and analyst-entrepreneur; and
  • intercultural communication skills.
International relations
  • The International University in Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Bielefeld University (Germany)
  • The Sapienza University of Rome (Italy)
  • New York University (the USA)
  • Frederick Community College (the USA)
  • The University of Tampere (Finland)
  • The University of Helsinki (Finland)
  • Stockholm University (Sweden)
Main areas of research
  • Economic integration in the CIS countries
  • Competitiveness of the CIS countries in the global economy
  • Interregional and cross-border cooperation of the CIS countries
  • Migration and its impact on the labour market
  • Comparative analysis of competition policy in the EAEU and the European Union
  • Government efficiency and the government procurement system
  • Regional policy and regional marketing
  • Regulatory aspects of entrepreneurial activity in the CIS countries
  • The digital economy and antitrust regulation
  • Regional economic integration
  • Social policy in the CIS countries
  • Customs and tariff policy in the CIS countries
  • Technical regulation and protection of intellectual property in Russia and the CIS countries
  • Fiscal and monetary policy in the CIS countries
  • International investment
  • The transition to a green economy and the development of environmental entrepreneurship in the EAEU countries
Career opportunities
  • Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
  • Committee for Investments and Strategic Projects of St Petersburg
  • Committee for Finance of St Petersburg
  • Office of the Federal Treasury in St Petersburg
  • Office of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in St Petersburg
  • St Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Ernst & Young (CIS) B.V. branch in St Petersburg
  • VTB 24 Bank
  • Sberbank
  • Promsvyazbank
  • United Power Company
  • Baltika Brewery
  • St Petersburg Тechnopark ('Ingria' Business Incubator)
  • Gazprom Neft
  • Gazprom Export
  • State Unitary Enterprise 'Vodokanal of St Petersburg', Information and Training Centre
  • Rosgosstrakh Insurance Company
  • Renaissance Insurance Group
  • STC-Innovations
  • Heineken Breweries
  • Ambassadors
  • Fazer
  • Center for Strategic Research 'North-West' Foundation
  • Maxidom
  • Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies
  • Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia
  • ILIM Group
  • Amcor Tobacco Packaging in St Petersburg
  • Belmond Grand Hotel Europe
  • Hotel Astoria
  • Nissan Manufacturing RUS