Sociology in Russia and China

39.04.01In english and russian

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • Modern Social and Economic Development of Russia and China
  • Modern Social and Political Development of Russia and China
  • Current Social Policy in Russia and China
  • Modern Culture of Russia and China: A Sociological Analysis
  • Social and Economic Demography of Russia and China
Our advantages
  • Modern Social and Economic Development of Russia and China
  • Contemporary Political Reforms in Russia and China
  • Formation of Civil Society Institutions in Russia and China
  • Social Environmental Science in Russia and China
  • Sociology of Entrepreneurship in Russia and China
  • Development of the Education System in Russia and China: A Comparative Analysis in the Light of Sociology
  • Modern Culture of Russia and China: A Sociological Analysis
  • Labour Markets in Russia and China: The Social Aspects of Transformation
  • Russian and Chinese Youth in the Context of Globalisation
  • This is the first academic programme in Russia to train master’s students in Sociology capable of conducting comparative sociological studies of the development processes in the Russian and Chinese societies.
  • The training is based on the project of comparative sociological research carried out since 2002 by sociologists from St Petersburg University and their colleagues from various universities in China. These studies, with their results extensively presented in lecture courses read in the programme, include analyses of the following: market reform processes; changes in the social, economic and political communications of Russia and China; development of socially responsible businesses; civil society institutions; the impact of socio-cultural transformations on the economy; ‘knowledge economy’ formation; the transformation of labour markets; the education system; urbanisation; and migration processes in the two countries.
  • Completion of this programme allows graduates to conduct analytical, research, organisational and administrative, and expert pedagogical work in: state and municipal agencies; academic research organisations; international inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations; Russian, Chinese and other firms and companies with foreign ownership; mass media; and higher education institutions.
  • The programme is up-to-date due to the demand for sociologists who: have wide knowledge in the field of comprehensive research of various aspects of social development; and have the skills to organise and conduct comparative sociological research, monitor socio-economic and socio-political processes both at the level of society as a whole and at the level of individual social groups, organisations, firms and companies of Russia and China.
Career opportunities

The graduates can work as sociologists-researchers:

  • for state and municipal authorities of Russia and China:
  • at academic and departmental research organisations
  • at organisations related to international cooperation in science, politics and business
  • at international non-governmental political and charitable organisations, youth exchange organisations
  • for Russian, Chinese and other foreign-owned businesses (industrial and commercial ones, as well as those operating in the service sector)
  • in mass media (graduates get employed as reviewers
  • and analysts)
  • at institutions of higher and additional professional education