Transnational legal practice (in English)

40.04.01In english

Level of education Master

Type of instruction Full-time

Duration 2 years

Main academic courses
  • International business law
  • Comparative contract law
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
  • Merges and acquisitions
  • Competition compliance and competition advocacy
  • International tax law
  • WTO
  • Data privacy regulations
  • Investment law
  • Chinese or Spanish language
  • International business law
Benefits of the programme
  • The programme is taught in English which facilitates the exchange of knowledge and educational technologies in the field of transnational legal practice.
  • It is aimed at training specialists in the field of legal support of transnational business, who have a deep understanding of business processes and the competence of making and ensuring the effective implementation of management decisions.
  • The programme includes legal disciplines aimed at teaching international business law, a comparative analysis of the legislations of countries representing the leading economies of the world, as well as the practical resolution of legal conflicts and legal situations arising from the extraterritorial application of law.
  • It includes a block of management disciplines taught by teachers of the Graduate School of Management, as well as electives for the study of foreign languages ​​(Chinese, Spanish).
  • During the training, students of the programme acquire universal skills in the development and adoption of managerial decisions, the application of Russian, international and foreign legislation.
  • Students have an opportunity to shape and sharpen their skills of leadership, analysis and implementation of international business law.
  • The programme includes a number of active teaching tools: business games, round tables, discussions, case studies, master classes.
Key skills
  • Research / Analytical Skills
  • Application of International Business law
  • Resolutions of the conflicts of law
  • Application of foreign laws
  • Second foreign language (Chinese or Spanish)
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills for Leadership and Team Work
Future career
  • Lawyer
  • Consultant
  • Researcher
  • Legal Compliance Manager