General information on recruitment at SPbU

If you want to work at SPbU, you can send your CV to

Applicants for academic staff positions are recruited on a competitive basis provided that there are open vacancies.

Full descriptions of vacancies (in Russian).

Information on our recruitment procedures can be found here.

To provide for the preliminary assessment of possible recruitment for an academic staff position, your CV should include the following information:

  • education;
  • research and teaching experience;
  • any advanced degrees;
  • implemented research projects (leadership, participation);
  • courses delivered;
  • research publications during the past 3 years;
  • preferred areas of practice (fields of knowledge);
  • any other relevant information, proving experience in research supervision, organization and performance of teaching and research work, popularization of scientific knowledge, and academic mobility.

Subsequent to the results of the preliminary assessment, you may be asked to participate in a competitive selection for a suitable position. If this is not possible, you will receive a relevant notification from our Human Resources Office. 

The decision on possible recruitment for administrative positions is made in accordance with the results of CV consideration and an interview. Applicants for executive and senior level administrative positions are assessed by a committee formed for the purpose of selecting an appropriate candidate for a particular position. Interviews can be held in the form of video calls over Skype or Polycom.

To provide for the preliminary assessment of possible recruitment for an administrative position, the CV should include the following information:

  • education;
  • work experience;
  • working knowledge of information systems;
  • preferred positions (types of activity).

Important notice!

  • Successful candidates are provided with an employment contract in accordance with Russian migration and labour laws. The employment contract requires a work visa valid for the duration of the contract (with the exception of nationals from the countries that have an agreement on visa-free entry to the Russian Federation). Tourist visa is not enough for an employment contract. SPbU provides assistance in obtaining entry visas to the Russian Federation.
  • Consulting services are not considered employment and cannot be the subject of an employment contract with an academic staff member.
  • A 30% income tax is deducted from the salary of persons residing in the Russian Federation for less than 6 months, with exception of highly skilled professionals engaged in research and teaching, and receiving salaries of more than 1 million roubles per one year.
  • A debit card from a local (Russian) banking office is issued for payment of the salary. Even if a Russian branch of a foreign bank operates in St. Petersburg, this does not mean that it would be possible to use a card issued by a branch of the same bank located outside of the Russian Federation: for instance, branches of some foreign banks in Russia are franchises and cannot provide services to customers of a foreign bank of the same name under the same conditions that they enjoyed abroad.
  • Persons working in teaching positions need to get a no criminal record certificate from the RF Ministry of the Interior and to submit a chest photofluorography certificate at least once per year.
  • Employees are issued a work book and a certificate of compulsory pension insurance.