St Petersburg University again enters the list of the world’s top 100 universities in teaching humanities and social sciences

According to the Round University Ranking agency, St Petersburg University keeps its position among the world’s top 100 universities in the two rankings for the quality of teaching in broad subject areas: humanities and social sciences. According to the Round University Ranking (RUR) rules, the universities in this group are defined as ‘Diamond’.

It should be noted that earlier, St Petersburg University became the world’s top university by research indicator ‘Doctoral degrees awarded per admitted PhD’ in medical sciences in the RUR subject rankings. Today, the University staff include outstanding specialists in various fields of knowledge, including humanities, medical and social sciences. This autumn, the academic staff of St Petersburg University were awarded certificates of the Russian Professorial Assembly.

The Round University Ranking is an international university ranking published by RUR Rankings Agency in partnership with an international company Clarivate Analytics. The ranking assesses the performance of several hundred top universities according to 20 indicators The RUR subject rankings evaluate the performance of the world’s top universities in six broad subject areas: humanities, life sciences, medical sciences, natural sciences, technical sciences and social sciences.

St Petersburg University keeps its position in the RUR ranking due to the fact that the University was able to adapt quickly to the dramatically changed learning environment amid the pandemic and continued providing courses. Today, St Petersburg University is one of the leaders among Russian universities in creating and delivering high quality training courses on the national OpenEdu platform: More than two million students choose online courses of St Petersburg University on the OpenEdu platform. For reference: more than 250 online courses, including those taught in different languages, are available for students of other universities.