St Petersburg University and the independent non-profit organisation "Russia is a Land of Opportunities" sign an agreement to jointly support talented young people

During the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, St Petersburg University and the presidential platform "Russia is a Land of Opportunities" concluded an agreement on cooperation in supporting talented young people. The agreement was signed by: Nikolay Kropachev, Rector of St Petersburg University, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Alexey Komissarov, Director General of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organisation ‘Russia is a Land of Opportunities’.

The agreement involves support for initiatives aimed at the personal and professional development of students, as well as the creation of new and expansion of existing methods for identifying talents among young people. The parties will work together to: develop social lifts for platform project participants; and build development strategies for young people from their school years until they enter the labour market. The parties have also agreed to hold joint thematic events, and in the future to open a centre for the development of universal competencies among students.

For almost three centuries, St Petersburg University has been producing graduates whose names become famous. I am sure that, together with the "Russia is a Land of Opportunities" presidential platform, we will be able to spot even more talented young people who will become the pride of our country.

Nikolay Kropachev, Rector of St Petersburg University

‘No other organisation has such good contact, such access to young people, as universities do. Cooperation with St Petersburg University will make it possible not only to significantly increase the level of interaction that has already been achieved, but also to offer new formats of joint work to support talented young people such as holding joint events and, in the future, opening a Centre for the development of universal competences among students,’ said Alexey Komissarov, Director General of the ANO ‘Russia is a Land of Opportunities’.

The presidential platform ‘Russia is a Land of Opportunities’ together with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation open competence assessment and development centres on the basis of universities. They will become special spaces for dialogue between young people, universities, employers and regional authorities. After successful completion of academic programmes, students receive documents that state their level of competencies, which will then be taken into account by the employers participating in the project.