St Petersburg University approaches the world’s top 100 universities in arts and humanities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings by Subject

St Petersburg University has significantly increased its score and has approached the world’s top 100 universities in the field of arts and humanities, according to the THE World University Rankings by Subject 2022. The University has entered the 101-125 group, showing the highest score for the last five years.

The THE World University Rankings by Subject 2022

The arts and humanities subject rankings evaluate university performance in arts, design, languages, literature, linguistics, history, philosophy, theology, archaeology, and architecture. St Petersburg University implements academic programmes and conducts research in almost all the subject areas.

It should be noted that in 2020, it was St Petersburg University that became the first university in Russia to hold a doctoral dissertation defence in theology. Also, the University opened an Archive Centre. It is a new clinic as a special form of education that enables students of the University to do practical training and work with actual commissioners: general public and public organisations. Working in the centre, students help find the necessary information in the archives. The University is also the first institution in Russia that launched a Social Translation Centre to provide socially vulnerable citizens with free translation services. Archaeologists and historians of St Petersburg University are currently conducting assiduous research on the territory of the Leningrad Region and beyond its borders. Similar exemplifications can be given for each subject area considered by the rankings.

The THE World University Rankings by Subject has been published since 2011. The portfolio of the compliers of the respected ranked list also includes: the THE World Reputation Rankings; the THE Impact Rankings; and 11 detailed subject rankings, covering a wide range of university fields of study from engineering to social sciences.

The University holds its positions due to the active implementation of digital technologies in teaching. This enabled the University staff and students to adapt quickly to the dramatically changed learning environment amid the novel coronavirus pandemic and continue their studies. For reference: St Petersburg University was the first higher education institution in Russia to open access to its online courses, helping regional universities cope with the difficulties in organising online learning and helping students have their credits for the studied courses transferred. Today, over 250 online courses of St Petersburg University, including those taught in different languages, are available for students.

It should be reminded that earlier, St Petersburg University was ranked 89th for the quality of teaching in the World Reputation Rankings and kept its strong positions in the THE World University Rankings.