St Petersburg University Professor Elena Kazakova receives award from Russia’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Elena Kazakova, Director of the Institute of Pedagogy at St Petersburg University and Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education, has been awarded a medal by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. The award has been conferred on this distinguished scholar and educationalist for her contribution to the establishment of a national policy in education.

The certificate of conferment was signed by the State Secretary and Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Petr Kucherenko.

Professor Kazakova is Chair of the Federal Educational and Methodological Association in Higher Education ’Education and Pedagogy’ and the author of more than 100 scholarly works in the field of pedagogy. It was on her initiative that, in 2018, the Institute of Pedagogy was established at St Petersburg University. For several years now, it has been training talented teachers, curriculum developers, methodologists and designers of new educational systems. She is also the Academic Director of the Creative Writing programme at the Sirius Educational Centre, where she helps gifted secondary school students to develop their writing talent. In 2021, she received an award from the Russian Professorial Assembly in the Professor of the Year category.

The medal "For Contribution to the Establishment of a National Policy in the Field of Education" is awarded to those who have made a great contribution to the national policy and statutory regulation in the sphere of higher and supplementary professional education. In bestowing this award, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education recognises the achievements of teachers and their academic, research/technological and innovative activities in the field of: nanotechnology; the development of federal research centres, high technology government research centres, and technology cities; and intellectual property.