St Petersburg University is ranked second among Russian universities delivering a high-quality education

According to the Ranking RAEX-100, St Petersburg University has become the second Russian university that created the best conditions for delivering a high-quality education, second only to Lomonosov Moscow State University. St Petersburg University also took third place among the leading universities in the country and became the only university in St Petersburg that entered the top three in the ranking.

Ranking RAEX-100

This year, the list of the top universities in Russia includes universities from 31 regions of the country. The ranked list was prepared using the statistics and the results of surveys of over 85,000 people, including representatives of the academic and research communities, students, alumni and employers.

As part of the RAEX-100 Ranking, universities are evaluated according to 43 indicators that measure three areas of university activity: conditions for receiving a quality education; employer demand for graduates; and scientific productivity. Assessing the employer demand for graduates, experts analyse the university’s cooperation with employers and the graduate’s employment prospects. The scientific productivity of universities is determined by assessing the research potential of the organisation, the number of scientific achievements and the quality of the research infrastructure.

The RAEX Russian Universities Ranking has been published annually for the past ten years and assesses the ability of universities to provide graduates with high quality knowledge and professional skills. The RAEX Russian Universities Ranking has successfully passed the international audit by International Ranking Expert Group (IREG) Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence (IREG Observatory), an international institutional non-profit association of ranking organisations, universities and other bodies interested in university rankings and academic excellence.

To form the list of the 100 top universities in Russia, the compilers used: statistics from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation; open data from the websites of universities; and surveys of representatives of universities and online surveys of target groups — students, graduates, representatives of the academic and research communities, and employers.

When assessing the quality of education, experts take into account the quality of teaching at the university, the resource base, and applicant demand for the university. This year, St Petersburg University has significantly improved its performance by these criteria and has taken second place among the best universities in the country by this indicator. Today, St Petersburg University is a leading classical university, representing almost all areas of research. The University has a unique Research Park. It is a modern free access centre where students and staff of St Petersburg University can conduct their research in cutting-edge fully-equipped laboratories. It should be noted that the St Petersburg University Research Park operates according to the principle of equal access and provides opportunities and equipment of resource centres for all interested persons according to general rules.

St Petersburg University laboratories are headed by distinguished scientists, including Nobel Laureates and Fields Medallists, winners of numerous awards in the field of science and education. For example, nine teachers from St Petersburg University have recently won the St Petersburg Government Award, and the University scientists have received grants from the President of the Russian Federation for a total of 28 million roubles.