Endowment Fund of St Petersburg University

‘The Development of St Petersburg University’ Endowment Fund was established to support various projects and initiatives in 2008.

What is the Endowment Fund?

The endowment is a target capital to be used for non-profit purposes. The means donated to the fund are transferred to a professional company for trust management. The income from managing the means is directed to the goals determined by the donors, while the means of the fund continue to work.

Key indicators of the fund

Over 1,700 sponsors and donators are engaged in the Fund

Over 1,051 million roubles is the overall amount of the Endowment Fund

Over 109.5 million roubles were directed to the University in 2020

target capitals aimed at the developing academic programmes and supporting gifted students

The 9th target capital of the fund ‘Chebyshev Scholarship Fund to pay scholarships to the students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at St Petersburg University’ is being formed. Targeted programmes of the fund allow for every donor to select the most relevant programme of supporting the University. The Endowment Fund is actively working on expanding the list of projects and targeted programmes.

Targeted programmes

St Petersburg University 2024

In 2024, St Petersburg University, the oldest scientific, educational and cultural centre in Russia, will celebrate its 300th anniversary. The Endowment Fund invites graduates, friends and partners of the University to support the large-scale anniversary project and help organise the celebration dedicated to the 300th anniversary at the highest level. We invite you to become a part of this great occasion by supporting one or several of the festive events.

Image of the University

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of St Petersburg University is a unique space in Vasilyevsky Island that consists of three green houses and an open ground with the general area of 1.75 hectares. Its major task is to provide for the academic process. On top of educational and research activity, the Botanical Garden popularises the knowledge of botany among the general population. Together with the University partners, the Botanical Garden holds tours, workshops, classes at the School of a Young Gardener for children, and events on: exchanging experience with other gardens in the field of acclimatisation of plants; and preserving biodiversity in view of the global warming.

Technologies (the Research Park)

The Research Park at St Petersburg University is a unique centre with cutting-edge research infrastructure. Its resource centres are united into groups based on the major fields of the St Petersburg University Strategic Plan: ‘Nanotechnology and Materials Science’; ‘Biomedicine and Human Health’; ‘Ecology and Nature Management’; and ‘Information Systems and Technology’. The cost of equipment exceeds 7.5 bln roubles. The general area covers over 30,000 square metres. Since 2014, the Research Park has offered free access to the University employees, students and persons without the University affiliation. Applications to visit the Research Park can be submitted electronically without travelling to St Petersburg. Various research projects from studying material properties to genome sequencing are performed here.

Technologies (the Area of St Petersburg University Development)

The Area of St Petersburg University Development is a unique space for the development of the University in the Pushkinsky District of St Petersburg. Due to the implementation of the project and creation of modern research and educational infrastructure, St Petersburg University had an opportunity to provide for scientific research at the global level as well as offer a format of academic activity that will serve as a model for other Russian universities. Buildings with laboratories and pilot production of the 'Neva Delta' Innovative Science and Technology Centre of St Petersburg University will be constructed next to the Area of St Petersburg University Development. Leading research and educational organisations, centres with related activity and industrial partners will take an active part in its construction.

Scholarship support for gifted youth

The development of intellectual potential of the country and education for gifted youth is one of the national priorities. Scholarship programmes aimed at supporting gifted youth both in the Russian Federation and abroad take a special place in the system of related activities. Today, the most prominent University students receive the following scholarships from the Endowment Fund: Anokhin Scholarship for the best students of geography studying social and economic geography at St Petersburg University; Bogoliubov Scholarship for the students of St Petersburg University demonstrating outstanding abilities in the academic and research activity in the field of Asian and African studies; Chechina Scholarship for the best students studying law at St Petersburg University; and other scholarships.

Academic mobility

The development of academic mobility among students is a strategic goal not only at the level of the University, but also at the scale of the entire country. Taking part in the programmes of academic mobility motivates students to study foreign languages, and enrich cultural and professional experience. During the pandemic, academic mobility has transformed, but not stopped. Support of the University on the part of partners becomes important in expanding their academic knowledge and gaining experience in holding scientific research abroad.

Inviting international specialists

Globalisation of research and growth of competition demand that modern research institutions go beyond national borders. It is important to build networks of partners in the global research space and form research reputation not only within the country but also internationally. In this context, one of the most widely used strategies is attracting international researchers with the goal of developing new directions and methodological approaches, improving the results of research and publication activity, increasing recognition and prestige of the University.

Support of the sport activity at St Petersburg University

Success and achievements in sport are directly related to the opportunities available to the younger generation today including those at the higher education institutions. St Petersburg University has eventful and exciting sport life. Due to smooth professional interaction, the University teachers and students win at large-scale Russian and international competitions. Today, the Endowment Fund implements several directions of supporting sport activity among students including the following: personal scholarships for high achievements in sport, supporting the University in holding massive sport and recreation events, funding the participation of the University teams in competitions of different scale, etc.

Support of St Petersburg University Academic Gymnasium named after D.K. Faddeev

The Academic Gymnasium is a specialised educational and research centre under federal control implementing specialised degree and non-degree academic programmes of the basic and secondary general education. The Gymnasium has a boarding school allowing for the school students from other regions to be admitted. Classes are conducted by St Petersburg University professors. The support from the Endowment Fund enables the Gymnasium to organise internships, summer mathematical schools, competitions for young physicists, expedition activity, Olympiads, research and many other events.

Supporting honorary professors

The title of ‘Honorary Professor of St Petersburg University’ is granted for outstanding achievements in the research and teaching activity that made a significant impact on the development of science and university education promoting international prestige of St Petersburg University.

Support of the University Clinic

The Pirogov Clinic of High Medical Technologies at St Petersburg University is a leading diversified healthcare, research and educational institution of Russia. Every year, the clinic performs a record number of complicated surgeries: over 5,000 surgeries in endocrine surgery; over 3,000 surgeries in traumatic and orthopaedic surgery; over 2,000 surgeries in urology; about 2,000 surgeries in cardiovascular surgery; about 1,500 surgeries in general surgery and oncology; and about 2,000 surgeries in gynaecology.

Support of the SPbU Start-up contest

Since 2014, the SPbU Start-up contest for innovative business projects has taken place at the University with the support of the Endowment Fund. Teams of the University students as well as school students (starting 2021) present their own start-up ideas based on research developments. The winners receive a scholarship for several months after the final stage of the contest. The team can receive 350,000 roubles for the first place, 250,000 roubles – for the second place and 150,000 roubles – for the third place. Moreover, the finalists who decide to open a small innovative enterprise at St Petersburg University may receive grants in the amount of 1,000,000 and 700,000 roubles.

Support of business incubators

Business incubators at St Petersburg University make a part of the University infrastructure aimed at supporting entrepreneurial initiatives of the University staff and students with a focus on commercialisation of the University technologies. Its mission is to help the University staff and students to improve their entrepreneurial skills and contribute to the development of companies created as a result of the innovative activity by the University staff and students.

Advantages for sponsors and donators

Creating academic programmes for the company employees

Receiving access to the databases of the University (libraries and research projects)

Conducting scientific research for business

Organising research conferences with the participation of the main players in the industrial sectors in Russia and other countries as well as the representatives of ministries and agencies

Organising special sport projects

Conducting research on the basis of the Research Park at St Petersburg University, etc

Contact information of the Endowment Fund

Executive Director of the Endowment Fund

Elena Mishutina