It is a blockchain-based solution for remote voting that ensures safety and convenience.

Developed by the St Petersburg University’s Distributed Ledger Technologies Centre, CryptoVeche will ensure safety and transparency in those cases where you aim to reach team decisions: voting in how to develop a project; elections to governing and auditing bodies; or approving a strategic plan.

It is an ideal solution for commercial, public, or municipal organisations; civic chambers; political parties; and anyone who aims to ensure a trusting and secure environment for electronic voting schemes in the most cost-effective and time-saving way.

Electoral fraud is simply impossible. Even if you have an aim, technical capability, or an access to the database, you cannot interfere with the election procedure as to constitute electoral fraud or ballot-shifting.

Timofei Utnasin, Project Manager at the St Petersburg University’s Distributed Ledger Technologies Centre

You can use CryptoVeche as a mobile application or a web-application. To vote, you should submit your application form.

What benefits you have

Security and safety

The application processes votes by using smart contacts. This ensures confidentiality and security throughout the election process.


The University has been successfully using CryptoVeche for thousands of voters.


You can organise secret or open ballot by adjusting the system to what you particularly need or attract those who will witness the ballot. We can adjust the interface to your corporate style.


You can vote from anywhere you are by using your PC or mobile phone application. This solution has been tested in dozens of companies in St Petersburg and was used to hold elections of the President of Siberian Federal University.

How to start collaboration:

  1. Submit your application form to register in the CryptoVeche and get an access
  2. Create a voting scheme, specify its type, and add questions and answers
  3. Invite those who take part in voting. You can vote by using your mobile phone application or a web-application
  4. Learn about the election results and get the vote counting protocol

How will CryptoVeche benefit you?

It will ensure a quick distance voting scheme in any field with no one having to attend the hearings in person.

It will ensure confidentiality in integrity and accuracy of elections.

It is a cost-effective and time-saving solution.