Mineralogical Museum

The Mineralogical Museum was founded in 1785. Over the years it has become one of the best natural science museums in Russia.

Dear visitors! Please pay attention to our special visiting regulations due to the epidemiological situation.

A limited number of people – not more than 10 people with the distance of 1,5 – 2 metres (1 person per 20 square metres). Visitors must wear protective gloves and mask. Protective equipment can be provided at the entrance of the Museum. Also, guests will have their temperatures taken with contactless thermometer. Sanitary treatment of toilets and common areas is carried out regularly with the use of disinfectors, as well as additional disinfection of door knobs, railings and other contact surfaces. The sanitary zone has antiseptic devices and instructions on proper hand washing. Regular ventilation of premises is carried out. We apologise for the temporary inconveniences.

The Museum stores the minerals which were used by Dmitri Mendeleev and later researchers to produce new chemical elements.

The collection of diamonds and associate minerals is from Kimberley, South Africa, and had been acquired by Ernst Hofmann in the 19th century. It enabled scientists to develop in the Department of Mineralogy of Leningrad University a method of spotting diamonds by associate minerals. Thanks to this method, the first primary diamond deposit in the USSR was discovered.

The Museum comprises over 30,000 samples (870 types of minerals). They are included into the following collections: the systematic collection (by type of mineral); memorial collections (Dmitri Mendeleev, Ernst Hofmann, Archbishop Nilus and others); the collection of meteorites; the collection of photos and illustrations; the collection of manuscripts and field research materials; and the collection of reference and supplementary literature.

News and Events

10 March — 1 April 2022:

Masters of Non-Conformist Art' series. 'Oleg Liagachev-Helgi: Meta-art. Phenomenology

An exhibition of the contemporary Parisian artist, writer and art critic Oleg Liagatchev-Helgi opens at St Petersburg University.

10 March — 1 April 2022
17 March 2022:

The Corridor of the Collegia of Peter the Great

The second lecture in the new series ’The Corridor of the Collegia of Peter the Great’ is a stroll through the portrait gallery of the corridor of the main University building. It is face-to-face meetings with distinguished scientists who worked at the University or graduated from it.

17 March 2022
Online lecture


Head of the Department of Natural Science Collection

Vadim Nicolaevich Glinskiy

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