Lecture by Igor Sukhikh 'Philological science-pop: then and now'

17 March 2022
St. Petersburg, 47 Bolshaya Morskaya street

Recently the next, already 4th, edition of Igor Sukhikh’s three-volume book ’Russian Literature for All’ has appeared (Kolibri/Azbuka-Attikus, 2021–2022). The author would like to use this occasion to talk about the history of popular philology and its present state (crisis or...?). Everyone is welcome to take part in the discussion. Readers or non-readers, but those who have an opinion are invited.

Igor Sukhikh is Doctor of Philology, Professor in Department of History of Russian Literature at St Petersburg University, a member of the Union of Russian Writers and the St Petersburg Writers’ Union. He is the author of many books, articles, and school textbooks on literature.