Masters of Non-Conformist Art' series. 'Oleg Liagachev-Helgi: Meta-art. Phenomenology

10 March — 1 April 2022
Time: 11:00

An exhibition of the contemporary Parisian artist, writer and art critic Oleg Liagatchev-Helgi opens at St Petersburg University.

Oleg Liagatchev (born 1939) is one of the oldest representatives of Leningrad non-conformism who started his work in the late 1950s and was, along with Mikhail Shemiakin and Vladimir Ovchinnikov, a member of the St Petersburg group. Developing the experience of Russian analytical art, Oleg Liagatchev has been developing his own system, dubbed ’semiotic’ by the creator since the 1960s. Since the mid-1970s, Oleg Liagatchev has lived permanently in France, but maintains close ties with St Petersburg, connecting and enriching both art worlds.

The exhibition has been prepared with the participation of art history students from St Petersburg University as part of the 2022 museum practice.

The monographic exhibition offers an overview of the most important periods in Oleg Liagatchev’s visual art from the 1960s to the 2010s and traces the development of his unique artistic system which is currently at the stage of meta-art. The exhibition presents paintings and drawings by Oleg Liagatchev and is accompanied by fragments of texts from his poetry collections and novels (including those created under the pseudonym Helgi Luzhin).

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