New online programme of SPbU helps to better understand blockchain technology

Blockchain is a phenomenon that has radically changed the understanding of financial system, business process management and information storage. The technology appeared a few years ago and immediately opened up new prospects for data exchange.

New online programme of SPbU "Blockchain and Finance: Concepts, Technologies, Regulation" explains how this technology works and introduces the main features of blockchain.

Course participants will learn blockchain technology and understand its importance for the whole society and each individual. This course will be also of interest to specialists in the field of finance. They will study challenges, risks and opportunities of blockchain technology.

A few interesting facts about blockchain technology:

  • Blockchain is a continuous sequential chain of blocks containing information and built according to certain rules
  • Blockchain ensures the functioning of decentralized payment systems
  • Data once recorded on the blockchain, cannot be changed or deleted
  • Blockchain delivers a high level of transparency — its records are publicly available for anyone to see and verify
  • Blockchain can be used in various areas of non-economic activity

The programme includes four modules: introduction to blockchain technology; blockchain payment systems; Central Bank digital currency; non-payment financial products based on distributed ledgers.

This programme is a result of many years’ work of authors in the field of modern payment technologies and digitalisation. The programme is available on the "Open Education" platform. You can join it today.