The online course ‘Adobe Illustrator for Beginners’ is now available in English

This practical course has been developed by a designer for designers and allows to learn one of the most popular professional packages for creating vector graphics, illustrating, and typesetting for print from scratch. Step by step students will get acquainted with the main principles that are used to build a vector image, explore the programme interface, its tools and auxiliary elements, discover the details of working with colour and fonts, and finally be able to create interesting and diverse vector objects.

During the 5 modules of the course, students will also discuss the stylistics of modern vector and hybrid images, talk about colour models and their differences, and focus on digital calligraphy.

 To enrol in the course, you will need to register on the Coursera website, where you can also find more detailed information, including the course syllabus.

The free interactive course ‘Adobe Illustrator for Beginners’ is already available on the online-learning site Coursera.