St Petersburg University awards gifted schoolchildren from the Leningrad Region and their teachers

A solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren regional stage and their teachers-mentors has been held at the Mikhailovskaya Dacha Campus of the St Petersburg University Graduate School of Management. This year, 524 schoolchildren of the Leningrad Region won prizes.

The award ceremony has been held in St Petersburg University for several years. The event was organised by St Petersburg University and the Committee for Education of the Leningrad Region. Veronika Rebrova, Chairwoman of the Committee for Education of the Leningrad Region, addressed the participants of the ceremony with a welcoming speech.

Marina Lavrikova, Senior Vice-Rector for Academic Activities, welcomed the participants of the ceremony on behalf of St Petersburg University. In her opinion, participation in such intellectual contests has a great importance for the formation of future scientists, scholars, and specialists.

Olympiads help schoolchildren demonstrate their knowledge in the most essential subject areas for them. I am sure that a lot of the winners of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren will choose St Petersburg University as their Alma Mater. We always welcome talented and motivated students.

Marina Lavrikova, Senior Vice-Rector for Academic Activities

Marina Lavrikova also noted that St Petersburg University annually conducts its own intellectual contests for schoolchildren, the number of which is constantly growing.

So, in recent years, in addition to the traditional Olympiads in different subjects (Social Studies, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, etc.) held at St Petersburg University, there were Olympiads in Technopreneurship, Engineering, and many others.

The winners of the regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren were 62 school students from 10th and 11th grades. There will be 39 schoolchildren in the final stage of the Olympiad. Headmasters and teachers who had prepared the best Olympiad participants were awarded with certificates of acknowledgement of the Governor of the Leningrad Region.

There is a huge amount of work behind these victories. We are immensely proud of your successes and efforts. This ceremony is our pride and gratitude. Your victories and efforts are a contribution to strengthening the image of our region, the image of the quality of our education. And you did it. You are Team 47 (Areal code of the Leningrad Region). Thank you, and keep it up!

Veronika Rebrova, Chairwoman of the Committee for General and Professional Education of the Leningrad Region

The All-Russian Olympiad is the largest-scale event for school students, which has a leading position in terms of the number of participants in Russia and beyond. The intellectual contest includes four stages: school, municipal, regional and final. The diplomas of the winners of the Olympiad are valid for four years and give the right to enter Russian universities without entrance tests in the programmes corresponding to the profile of the Olympiad.