The Centre for Financial Literacy

The Centre for Financial Literacy (Financial Clinic) at St Petersburg University advises citizens on how to organise personal finances.

As part of the practice, students, with support from the University academic staff, conduct consultations on:

  • organisation of personal finances, financial planning
  • formation of the household budget
  • organisation of savings: bank deposits, investing in stocks, bonds
  • bank loans, mortgage
  • individual income taxes
  • personal insurance
  • property insurance
  • pension provision
  • modern financial technologies
  • identification of fraud in the financial market

The range of issues on which you can get advice:

  • individual income and expenses: how to form and maintain a household budget
  • personal savings: how to invest and increase individual savings
  • bank loans: what you need to know to get a bank loan
  • what are taxes, how can an individual pay taxes correctly
  • what is insurance, how to properly insure your life, health, property
  • how pension savings are formed, how to calculate your pension
  • what modern financial technologies individuals can use when making deposits, obtaining loans, paying taxes, insurance
  • how to recognise financial fraud