The Legal Clinic

The Legal Clinic of St Petersburg University provides free legal assistance: legal advice, drafting applications, complaints, petitions, and other legal documents.

The Legal Clinic includes students in Law under the supervision of academic staff and experts at St Petersburg University. The quality of legal assistance is ensured by a special training system, control by an individual curator, and assessment of students based on the results of the practice in the Clinic.

The Scope of the Legal Clinic

  • Civil Law
  • Labour Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Social Security Law
  • Housing Law
  • Civil Procedural Law

The Tasks of the Legal Clinic

  • to ensure individual professional specialisation of the future lawyer
  • to adapt students to the conditions and requirements of the lawyer job
  • to ensure the conscious application of the norms of professional ethics in the case of inevitably arising dilemmas of various types of conflicts of interest
  • to ensure an environment to start a professional career in a faster way (compared to those who believe that the employer or senior colleagues will teach early career employees how to work)