The Museum and Architectural Clinic

The Museum and Architectural Clinic is set to provide advisory opinions, implement pre-project and analytical tasks in the field of studying, preserving and updating cultural heritage sites, creating exposition, exhibition and educational projects, and environmental design projects.

The Museum and Architecture Clinic brings together students in several academic programmes at the Department of Museum Management and Historical Monuments Preservation at the Institute of Philosophy and the Faculty of Arts (Museology and Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites, Environmental Design, etc.). During the interdisciplinary practice, students acquire the skills of professional interaction with potential employers, institutions and organisations in the field of culture.

The scope of the Museum and Architectural Clinic

  • Compiling historical and analytical reports, bibliographic, address indexes, databases on objects of cultural and natural heritage
  • Developing research concepts and design projects for temporary and permanent exhibitions of museums, cultural institutions and educational institutions
  • Developing projects for the conservation and adaptation of cultural heritage sites
  • Dealing with the requests from organisations in the tourism industry to prepare excursion routes, methodological materials and information booklets