The Environmental Clinic

The Environmental Clinic is a platform to develop relevant professional and special competencies among students to ensure advancement of student professional skills in research, design projects, and educational activities.

The University students have internships under the guidance of academic staff at the Institute of Earth Sciences with the possible involvement of experts from related fields of study of the University’s partner universities, including international ones. The Environmental Clinic conducts preliminary examinations using the intellectual potential of academic staff and students, and communicate with employers and partners.

The scope of the Environmental Clinic

  • practical activities are aimed to provide consulting services to the population and organisations. As part of the clinical practice, students, under the guidance of academic staff, conduct preliminary examinations, surveys and consultations in the field of Earth sciences (ecology, geoecology, hydrometeorology, geology, biology, land use, etc.) and related fields of science
  • project/research activities include research and practical environmental projects by individual and joint working groups, including the University academic staff and students
  • educational activities as a tool to promote environmental knowledge among the public may include: the creation and implementation of academic programme; and holding events for different segments of the population and professional communities. To carry out activities to create and develop an environmentally friendly environment on the territory of St Petersburg University, the clinic also recruits and trains volunteers

Citizens, including initiative groups, non-profit and other organisations, can apply to the Environmental Clinic for advice on issues of ecology, nature management and sustainable development.

Consultations and preliminary examination carried out at the Environmental Clinic include:

  • oral consultation with the applicant
  • preliminary analysis of the data provided by the applicant
  • reconnaissance survey of the area (within St Petersburg, or outside it if the applicant provides transport)
  • preliminary written consultations and recommendations

If it is necessary to perform extended analytical studies of environmental objects or an examination with a conclusion, the applicant can apply to the Centre of Expert Advice at St Petersburg University.)