The Clinic of Communication Projects

The Clinic of Communication Projects has no rivals as an educational training model to ensure interaction between industry experts, tutors and students in the format of a creative space to prepare a project for the client. Our mission is to ensure that students can find a career and employers can prepare ideal personnel.

Synergy of interaction

  • the most talented students at St Petersburg University create projects under the guidance of high-calibre tutors from the University academic staff
  • unique academic environment and special technological opportunities of the oldest university in Russia
  • project consultants – partners of the clinic – industry leaders (representatives of media, communication agencies, business, and public sector)

Our tasks

  • to encourage the University students for professional development in the communications industry
  • to ensure that students can obtain professional and cross-professional competencies in the field of communications in the course of clinical practice
  • to engage the University students in professional dialogue and production process
  • to form a model of interaction between the University academic staff, students, and employers to ensure that students will be employed after graduation

Our values

Client-oriented approach

Both the University students and customers can be clients of the Clinic of Communication Projects. We aim to ensure that students and employers achieve their aims and are satisfied with cooperation with us (students are satisfied with the practice, feedback, professional contacts and portfolio; while employers are satisfied with the services received and personal contribution to the education of their future colleagues). What we do and what is important to us must be up to date to meet the needs of our customers and changing world.

Creative freedom and personal development

Our success depends on the level of personal development of each member. We encourage colleagues to improve professionally and personally, develop and boost their skills, and share the energy of success with the world. We encourage students, tutors and partners to come up with the most daring initiatives. We draw up our ideas and creatives strictly in accordance with technological and professional standards.

Experience and expertise

The succession of generations 'graduate-student-applicant' ensure that we transfer experience and knowledge in the most effective ways of professional interaction. Under the guidance of the best tutors and caring experts, this knowledge and experience turn into a real work of art.


Being in constant search for new ideas and introducing advanced educational and career guidance methods, technologies and standards into day-to-day practice is the key to our uniqueness. Being sensitive to a changing world, willing to change and become better are among our strengths. We are open to new opportunities and ready to bring them to life.

The future of the profession

Understanding our role in training professionals in the communications industry, a sustainable approach to organising interaction between students and employers, and following our mission motivates us to create up-to-date educational and career guidance products and services to satisfy our current target groups and future generations.


  • bachelor’s and master’s students of academic programmes in Advertising and Public Relations and Journalism
  • students in other academic programmes at St Petersburg University who wish to take part in the professionally oriented projects corresponding to the scope of the Clinic

Platforms and projects

Students can have a clinical practice to execute the orders of employers (team and individual work on a project) and take part in the communication projects of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at St Petersburg University..

Among these projects are:

  • Training and educational press centre (news portal, SmmClub, GreenClub, KinoClub, NaukaClub)
  • International competition of student socially-oriented communication projects 'Mass-Media Perspective'
  • All-Russian contest of student projects in the field of political communications PolitPRpro
  • Competition 'Mediacareer'

During the practice, students can:

  • Be professionally engaged in the above mentioned information platforms to cover news, events, phenomena of the city, university, and customer company
  • become a member of the organising committee of special projects to prepare and hold events of various levels and scales: working with the media, partners, and participants; creating and maintaining information platforms; and developing image products, scenarios, and media plans to name just a few
  • become a member of a creative team to solve communication problems as ordered by the employers
  • create your own author projects
  • gain teamwork experience
  • gain experience in interacting with the customer (from working on a brief to defending a project)
  • become a listener of unique workshops, lectures and special schools from employers to develop the most relevant skills that are necessary to have for a universal specialist in communications today