The Linguistic Clinic

The Linguistic Clinic at St Petersburg University offers a range of free consultations on the use of the Russian language. The services the Linguistic Clinic offers are provided by master’s students at the Faculty of Philology at St Petersburg University as part of internships under the guidance of academic staff with extensive experience in research, pedagogy, and consultation services.

Areas of work

Speechwriting (creation and analysis of texts at the request of the customer)

The focus is on writing and analysing texts at the request of the customer. The creation and analysis of texts is among the main competencies of a philologist. The work is carried out under the guidance of experienced experts from St Petersburg University.

Applied rhetoric (public speaking)

The Linguistic Clinic offers tailor-made educational and training programmes in applied rhetoric. The importance of developing this area is largely due to the relevance and demand for soft skills in the labour market. The customer can receive a unique linguistic product underpinned by academic knowledge and expertise. It is free of charge. Master's students engaged in developing educational products can form competencies in teaching communicative soft skills.

Help Desk

In the Help Desk of the Linguistic Clinic, you can receive professional advice on any question about the Russian language: the norm of the modern Russian language; the history of the language; the sources of knowledge about the language (dictionaries, exemplary texts). The Help Desk started operating in 2017. The Linguistic Clinic has gained a wealth of experience in providing consultation services, which ensures that we respond quickly and professionally to enquiries submitted.

You can ask a question to the Help Desk by e-mail:

The Linguistic Clinic is a practice-oriented platform for students. It provides an opportunity to perform the functions that are within the scope of organisations in the communication and linguistic fields. The Linguistic Clinic develops the social direction of the University’s activities, i.e. orders are carried out free of charge.


Ekaterina Zorina

Head of the Linguistic Clinic at St Petersburg University Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor in the Department of Russian Language at St Petersburg University